Warehouse Services

EM OCEAN Global Logistic and Forwarding, backed by a team of experts in their field and technical equipment, has set off with high targets in the bonded warehousing area with its high quality, safe and advanced service principle.

It has reached a level above customer expectations in terms of physical conditions, high security and camera system, cleanliness and personnel quality, Terminal Site and location of Fleet.

Warehouse services of EM OCEAN Global Logistic and Forwarding are as follows:
  • *Supply chain management (loading / unloading, cargo acceptance and quality control)
  • *Inventory reporting (FIFO, LIFO, lot, serial number based inventory control)
  • * Warehouse management program and monitoring systems via RF handheld terminal
  • * Value added storage services (packaging, barcoding, packaging, assembly, mounting)
  • * Return of goods, packaging and consumables management